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Build3d helps you achieve higher business value by automating, centralising, standardising and optimising resource management processes into the one internet-based application that can be readily accessed from anywhere in the world.


Cloud based - Stay in charge anywhere in the world. Being an internet-based application, your data is always at hand. Dashboard Have the big picture ready at hand. A dashboard page provides for an up-to-date summary overview of your business situation.

Email Notifications - Automatically send notification emails to resource providers and team-members so to maintain the timeliness of your deliverables.

Document Manager - Have all your important supporting documents ready at hand as well as sharable with resource providers and team-members

Critical Task Reporting - Stay on track and never miss out on any one of your important deadlines by staying in the loop with critical task reports.

Extension of Time Management - Change is inevitable. Adjust timeframes for extensions of time and keep all informed with automatic notifications.

Login Support - Grant resource providers direct link access to Job Scheduling details and documentation from any internet connected device 24/7.

Business Support - Supports Quality Control Management, Compliance Management, Risk Management, Budget Forecasting and Fee Proposal Management.

And More - • Calendar View • Gantt Chart • Non-working days Management • Job, Stage & Email Template Management.

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